Student Counsellor Committee


The Students counseling committee attempts to address the day to day issues of concern relating to academics and routine activities.

Counseling is a process that aims to facilitate personal well being of the students through support and guidance of trained counselors, for a healthy mind and body.

With the intent to address and help resolve emotional and psychological issues of the student community of AKIM, the college has initiated the “Counseling Committee” in the college premises with the help of a trained team of faculty members as Counselors.

The Counseling Committee encourages the students to understand themselves and the issues that trouble them and guides them to resolve their problems. These problems can be personal, emotional, social, family, peer, academic, sexual, etc. This is done through individual or group counseling to help them with academic goals, social and personality development, career goals, enhancing listening skills, empathy and interpersonal skills to have healthy relationships and a healthy lifestyle.

The role of the Counselor is to offer support through listening and responding in a confidential, non-judgmental and timely way, ensuring that the students become productive, well adjusted adults of tomorrow. They are trained to assess, diagnose and treat students struggling with academic stress, anxiety, depression, social addictions and other problems they face.

The goal of Counseling is to facilitate positive behavior changes, improving the student’s ability to establish and maintain relationships socially, promoting their decision making process, helping the student to understand their own potential and cope effectively with the problems they face.


  • To help the students in solving their personal, educational, social as well as psychological problems.
  • To create awareness about issues and problems related to mental health of student
  • To motivate faculty in counseling activities.
  • To provide a support system for the students to address the major academic related issues.
  • To initiate proactive measures to solve the issues of students concern.
  • To analyze the grievances of students and to take corrective action with the appropriate authorities for redressal.
  • To get suggestions regularly from the students for improvement.


  1. Solve personal problems of student by conducting individual counseling session
  2. Diagnose the learning difficulties of students and help them to overcome the same.
  3. Conduct training program on counseling skills for faculty & staff.
  4. Conduct seminars for students on mental health and addiction issues.
  5. Inform the parents about psychological misbehavior of the student.
  6. Students are encouraged to meet the counseling committee regularly to address their suggestions and grievances.
    • The students can explain their problems to the counseling committee as and when required.
    • The counseling committee interacts with the students regarding their nature of problems.
    • If any grievance was found the same was recorded in the register and addressed.
  1. They may also approach their respective mentors or any of their other teachers as is comfortable to them.
  2. Students may also express their problems related to attendance, discipline to the committee.
  3. The Students counseling committee will enquire the grievances and recommend the final course of action to be initiated at the institutional level for the redressal of the same
  4. Any student may approach the committee members, if he/she has any grievance regarding academic and non-academic.


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Dr. K.T.Gopi

Professor & Director




Ms Roopa. T

Assistant Professor




Mr. Vilas M R





Mr. PAvan P




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Veerashaiva College Campus,
Airport Road,
Ballari 583104
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