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Class Room Etiquette:
The AKIM Code of Classroom Etiquette has been established to assist students and faculty alike to foster appreciation for a classroom environment that enhances the learning experience for all students. Attention to the code will add value to the course by creating a more meaningful and constructive discussion.
Students, therefore, are expected to demonstrate classroom etiquette based on the following principles:

Students are expected to attend every class throughout the terms. As a courtesy, when students are unable to attend class, due to illness or for other work related reasons, they should notify the Academic Coordinator in advance. Students are expected to adhere to the specific attendance policies established by the Institute/ University.
  1. It is compulsory to attain 80% attendance in all the subjects to appear in university
    exams otherwise students may be detained from appearing in the university exams. Other personal tasks may be managed within the scope of remaining 20%.
  2. Appearance in all the internal exams is compulsory. Students have to write their internal exams for a minimum of two third time of the total stipulated time of internal exam of each subject.
  3. Class attendance is excused for extracurricular activities, including club activities, conferences, and case and business plan competitions.
    • Punctuality:Students are expected to arrive for class on time so that the Faculty may start and end the class according to schedule. Students late by more than five minutes will not be allowed to enter the classroom.
    • Responsible Learning:Students are expected to be prepared and committed to an optimal learning experience, including participating as required.
    • Exiting and Entering:Students are expected to remain in the classroom for the duration of the class. If a student must
      depart early due to unavoidable circumstances, the student should inform the Faculty before class. Leaving and re-entering the class is not permitted except in the event of an emergency.
    • Respect for the Classroom:Students should demonstrate respect for the Faculty and fellow students during the class period. Students should therefore refrain from distracting behavior such as disruptive eating, side conversations, using mobile phones, surfing the Web or checking e-mail messages.
    • Respect the Facilities:Students are expected to help maintain the appearance of the classroom. After class, students should discard all trash.
In essence, the Code emphasizes respectful behavior in the classroom that contributes to the enhancement of the learning experience at AKIM.

  • Don’t indulge in ragging, eve-teasing, smoking, drinking, bunking the classes, Roaming/Wandering around in college premises.
  • Don’t misbehave with faculty members, institutional staff, senior students or any of the classmates.
  • Maintain the culture of institution by addressing faculty members, institutional staff & seniors respectfully always by using sir/madam.
  • Don’t turn-out and write anything (especially filthy language) on the books, magazines, newspapers in library. After the use, put the same in proper case provided.
  • Don’t try fixing on your own any technical flaws or any other problem of computers and other equipment lying in the lab & department. Always inform Lab Technician, Lab In-charge or concerned person for the same.
  • Any kind of damage to institutional / Departmental property will be considered as an offence and strict action will be taken against the culprits.
  • Use of Mobile phone & playing music on the same on college premises especially in the institution and during the classes is strictly prohibited.
  • Students will maintain silence in the classes. They will not shout, stand unnecessarily in the verandas of the institution.
  • Useless sitting in couples (specially a boy with girl) in college canteen, parks and other places is strictly prohibited.
  • Students are not allowed to visit faculty room unnecessarily. Always take prior permission from faculty members in case of any necessary task.
  • Notices related to institutional/ departmental activities, programme etc. will be displayed on boards from time to time. It is prime duty of every student to go through Notice Boards daily for seeking information for departmental activities.
  • As per the need & demand of the situation, institution can function for all the seven days a week. Generally working hours are 9 a.m to 5 p.m. But the same may be extended. Students will have to follow accordingly.
  • Students will not try to use any type of influence for enhancement of their internal marks. Anyone found doing so will face disciplinary action or/and penalization.
  • Hostlers will go through the hostel rules & observe the same.
Note: Disciplinary action will be taken as per gravity of the situation/activity against the student(s) who will involve, indulge themselves in disobedience of any of the rules, misconduct, misbehavior or any other activity which can affect the discipline, law and order or smooth functioning of the institute.

Dress Code:
  • Uniforms are provided to all students under the provisions made by the institute. Students are required to come in proper Uniform from Monday to Friday.
  • Students may wear other formals on Saturday, except for the days scheduled for events.
  • Wearing of Caps & Glares is not allowed in premises of Institute. This is strictly prohibited.
Keep Campus Clean:
It is the prime & utmost responsibility of every student to cooperate & maintain the embellished culture of the institute.
  • Don’t write anything on the walls & wooden desk.
  • Don’t put any impression of your footprint on walls.
  • Canteen is for your refreshment, maintain it neat & clean. Don’t reshuffle the furniture of canteen.
  • Switch off the fans & lights, computers, and LCD while leaving the Class rooms, Library, Lab., other rooms & places.
  • Don’t spread litter and garbage anywhere on the premises of Institute. Make use of dustbin for waste.
  • Students will flush the toilets after use.
Note: Those who do not follow the code of behavior mentioned above may face a warning the first time, A penalty of Rs.100/- the IInd time, suspension from college on a repeated noncompliance.

Problems and Grievances:
In case of any Grievance, first of all Academic Coordinator will be contacted to address and resolve the same. If the Academic coordinator is unable to solve the grievance, the matter can be transferred to the Director.
In case of any problem related to class, leave, enquiry, discipline or any other matter, students will meet their concerned Academic Coordinator.

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